Appreciating the teenager..

Just went and gave a peck to my nearing 20-year-old son for being such a good teenager throughout his teen years. Yes..we have had our share of difference of opinions, but never has he banged the door on me, yelled and shouted at me, spent money unnecessarily or without informing me or his dad, has gone out or stayed long without informing us.

Recently I have been reading a lot about brash and rude teenagers and most of the times people put the blame on mobile or gadgets. My son, like most of the teens, has mobile and has his earphones glued to his ears. But one thing must have helped, that I assume, is communication. Communication means talking it out and not nagging, ordering, judging or yelling. With the change in generations, as parents we have also adapted to it. What seemed taboo or a strict no-no during our times might not be so today. Sometimes it has been difficult to adapt to the change as we are from a different generation, but evolving is growing.

This was not bragging about my son, rather appreciating him. Sometimes we forget to appreciate what we have and expect more.


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