All studies, no sports, makes the children dull..

My daughter is in 10th this year, and just like the 2 board exams prior to this that my son had given, both I and my husband are chilled out. Yesterday, I saw a video and excitedly called my daughter to watch it. It was a video where some football team showed a great team work and was a magnificent video to watch. My daughter plays football and I knew she would enjoy the video.

In our country, still sports is not given its due or the kids encouraged to pursue it, especially once they are in the higher classes. All they are asked to do is “study all the time”, which I believe is humanly impossible. I myself was never into any sports and hence wanted both my kids to play any sport. My daughter manages her athletics, football, tuition, studies, gets tired, sometimes gets rebuked by the teachers for playing sports in class 10, yet I always tend to support her passion.

As such, girls sports is still neglected, not just in our country but all over the world. Still the privileges and expectations are with the boys. My girl is saddened by this bias many a times, but still wants to pursue it, loves it, fights for it. Just like my son, I know she will also do good in her life in terms of career and so I want her to enjoy the sport till the time she can.

I so wish our country also encouraged sports, arts, just as they encourage studies. It’s hard work for the youngsters, but can be managed. Sports teach team work, resilience, hard work, being healthy…



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