Appreciate and acknowledge the silent support..

It’s good to see Virat Kohli acknowledging the silent support of his wife and dedicating her his victory. When you are down and out, even that support makes you strong. I don’t understand why people have problem with men praising and acknowledging their wife, but despite all the backlash he continues to acknowledge her.

Even in the normal scenario, including me, when the husband goes out or travels for his work; he is at peace because he know the wife is handling the home, children, her work seamlessly. There are many days when the wife is not well, may be having a bad day, exhausted handling the children (of various stages), had an awful day at work but she handles it all with elan. When someone, including the husband, calls her up, she simply states, “I am fine. All good.”

Support is highly underappreciated and underrated, and given our patriarchal setup husband appreciating the wife is a matter of ridicule or criticism. When the entire world is against you and criticizing you, on your good and bad days when the silent support gives you the strength to fight again, you should always appreciate and acknowledge that support.


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