Respect the reader..

While reading out a chapter in her tuition class, my daughter noticed that few of the students were talking loudly, laughing and in general disturbing the class. My daughter stopped reading, allowing them to continue or to stop their conversation, and after they stopped she resumed the reading. My daughter said, “These kids don’t know how to respect the reader.”

Yes..many of the adults even don’t know how to respect the readers, speakers, performers. It’s a common sight when we see an artist performing on stage or some orator putting forth his/her points, audience chatting loudly, talking on their mobiles, laughing. That’s really disrespectful. Yes..people might get bored at a point but there’s a decorum that needs to be maintained at all places, a basic respect.

Similarly, most people are not good listeners. When someone is speaking, they cut the conversation in between and start talking about something else without bothering to let the person finish his/her conversation!

Respecting is not just talking politely, its also about listening politely. That’s also an art!


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