Board Exams

When my son was younger, say in class 1-2, I used to be a very strict and paranoid mom about his studies. Like all the firstborns, my son was also the “bali ka bakra.” Like all the first-time moms, I used to fret over English, Maths, Hindi and at times forget that he was just a little kid. Few years down the line, I realized my mistake and introspected. I was being unfair to my child. That sudden realization of my follies made me a much “cooler” and calmer mom. I am still strict about my kids’ studies but I am not paranoid. I am still strict about their study schedule, book completion, attendance, revision but I don’t worry about a bad unit test or few mistakes here and there.
Last year my son appeared for his 10th board and I was cool as a cucumber throughout the year. I saw to it that my son studied on time, went for his classes, and so on. But I never stopped him from partying, going out with friends, playing football, or few days just take a break. I didn’t care whether he would score 95% or not, I just wanted him to do his best and not get unnecessarily stressed out.
This year he will be in 12th and I truly hope I am as cool as I was in his 10th. He is chalking out his career plans and I know he will definitely do something good in life. He has promised me to work harder this year and I know he will.
I don’t know whether I am right or wrong; all I want my children is to be happy. Rest their choices (we can only guide them) and their destiny.

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