I don’t care what you have as long as you love me #Vdayblogtrain

Me and D


Radha and Raman were 2 young dynamic individuals who by the age of 25 had a great job, were earning great bucks, traveling the world, partying every weekend, wore only branded stuff.  In Mumbai where realty prices are skyrocketing, they owned a 4 bedroom hall kitchen in a posh area in South Mumbai.  Both were college sweethearts and dated each other for over 7 years.  They finally decided to take the plunge and tied the knot.  It was beautiful and memorable destination wedding in Greece.  They had pre-wedding photo shoot, wore designer stuff, and had a grand wedding like the celebrities.  In total, anyone would be envious of this young couple.  They had it all in such a young age.  They were the perfect example of the “happily ever after” couple.  But an acquaintance told me that they had filed for divorce within 6 months of marriage citing incompatibility issues.  I was surprised.  What went wrong?  A middle-class girl like me always believed that financial stability was equivalent to a happy marriage!

My mind went back to the year 2001 when a tall lanky guy and I met at an arranged marriage setup.  Generally in arranged marriage set-ups the girl’s looks and the guy’s job are given importance.  We both met and clicked instantly and said YES instantly.  I liked his disarming simple smile and may be he liked my simplicity too!  Oh yes!  I was 5 feet to his 6 feet and I didn’t bother to ask how much he earned or what property he owned.

We got married and began our marital journey in a humble 1 BHK of Mumbai with both of us jointly earning 15,000/- per month.  But trust me, we were so happy with each other!  The local train rides, the street food shared together, the joy of being happy with each other was precious.  We had our first child within first year of marriage.  Our son became a part of our happy life.  We never bothered about buying expensive toys for him, our love was sufficient.

So, is it love or money?

I believe love, respect, compatibility,  accepting each other with all the flaws, not having high expectations, letting go sometimes, and communication are the keys to a successful marriage.  If money would have been the key to a great marriage, no celebrity would have divorced.

Money is important for a successful marriage but love and respect are invaluable.

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Written for the prompt “Love or Money?”


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73 thoughts on “I don’t care what you have as long as you love me #Vdayblogtrain

  1. Yes, successful marriages are beyond money, status and tangible things. What matters the most is understanding and compatibility.


  2. Well said. Cliched as it may sound, love still is the more important ingredient. As they say, love may not make the world go round but it sure makes the ride worth it’s while.
    Wish you all happiness


  3. Loved the story and loved the end message. indeed money is important but not more than the love, trust and care that a couple should have on each other. #Vdayblogtrain


  4. What a crisp and beautiful way to celebrate your live for the one who is more than any money or material possessions.
    Love is indeed the essence rest all is just the frills. Good one Ritwika, you never disappoint 🙂


  5. I believe love n money both r important but at wat levels tat u ve to decide, one cannot fill Ur tummy with love u need money to get u food n survive.. but yes love shld b heavier than money😊


    1. Thanks for taking out time to read. Yes..money is important for survival, no doubt about that, but money can be earned but love cannot be bought.


  6. Loved reading every bit of it. Marriage without love is like a body without a soul. Lifeless. And money can always be made, but one has to be lucky enough to have found true love.


  7. Such profound advice…while money might be important it definitely cannot be the be all and end all of a relationship… Love, respect and trust truly makes a relationship…well said!


  8. It is true how many equate money to happiness. Marriages are made in heavan, thats true, but it grows only on mutual trust, love and respect for each other. Beautiful story Ritwika, as always.


  9. Money can bring food to your table but without love of your loved ones you won’t feel any joy in eating it. It can come and go but love is what stays. Simple inexpensive things give us happiness, the brands are just to show-off to others. 🙂


  10. I remember reading one of your articles on Momspresso where you had mentioned about your marriage journey and that you guys were earning 15k together but money never came in between your happiness. That story is still with me, its impact was huge because even I believe its more about the compatibility and the mutual trust, love and respect instead of exotic holidays and solitaires. Nice post, Ritwika.


  11. Wow ritwika, how precisely you have mentioned about love in one sweet post… I enjoyed reading every line and I can’t agree more – The joy of being happy with each other is more precious.


  12. I completely agree with you on that money can’t be equal to love. And I like it how you have build up your life with your husband from such humble beginnings. It reminded me of my parents who had similar roots. More power to you and your family.


  13. Money and ‘Honey’ not necessarily make the best pair! Though money is essential for basic sustenance of life, it can never get you a soul mate. Good to see that your love nest is full of joy of togetherness and warmth Ritwika. God bless you and your family.


  14. Your story touched my heart, I agree money is important but when it comes to love only understanding , trust ,respect matters a lot and offcourse love too


  15. I’m so glad that you picked this prompt and broke the monotony. I enjoyed reading about your perspective. Your honesty and simplicity was beautifully captured in your words.


  16. I remember, recently one Youtuber was asked by her viewers whether she married her husband for money because she got married at a young age. How can people have so cheap mindset 😫


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