Cherish the relations..

Feeling restless and disturbed after looking at the images of all the young widows, little kids, aged parents, distraught siblings of the martyrs.
For all the bickering and unhappy couples, there is a wife who will never get to see, speak or touch her husband again. For all the complaining kids, there are children who would never get to hug their father again. For all those elderly parents holding grudge against their sons, some parents will never be able to feel the warmth of their sons’ heads on their laps again. For all those friends who procrastinate keeping in touch or meeting, you will never have this friend in your group again. For the siblings fighting over trivial issues, you will never get to tease or have mock fight with that brother again.
Cherish the relationships, it just takes a second for a person to be addressed in past tense..

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