The Warm Hug

Her 6-month-old baby wouldn’t stop crying. He was cranky since yesterday night. The young mom was at wits end not knowing how to pacify the little baby. She tried distracting him, feeding him, cuddling him. He would sleep for a while and again cry. “Is he teething?” she thought. Finally, the baby slept.

She slumped on the chair and started crying. She was tired. She had a C-section and her back still hurt. She remembered her carefree days when she would go to office, meet targets, party, and have fun. Now she was all alone managing a cranky baby, not knowing what awaits her every moment. Her husband seemed to have lost interest in her now. She hated her body. God, will things be normal again?

He was having a bad day in the office. He hadn’t slept well. The baby was cranky all night. He had tried helping his tired wife in taking turns to take care of the baby. He wanted to go home. Today he felt like resigning from his job, but he knew he couldn’t. Now he had more responsibilities. Gone were his carefree bachelor days.

He came home, all tired and worn out. She was sitting on the chair, all tired and worn out. She got up and went near him. Both hugged each other and had tears rolling down their eyes. Both just needed this hug, this reassurance that everything will be fine as long as they are together. After a long time, they both smiled at each other.

He said, “Come, lets make some tea and pakoras together. Our joint ventures have always worked”. She smiled shyly..

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