Text Versus Red Rose

Raghav knew he was in big trouble when his mom called him in a stern voice in her room. He remembered that he had forgotten to delete his WhatsApp messages last night before going to bed. His mom used to pull out the charger from his mobile every morning. She must have seen his messages today.

He quietly stood beside his mom. As expected his mom was extremely angry. She couldn’t keep her voice down and yelled at him, “What’s going on between you and Sia? Is she your girlfriend? Is this the age to get involved in relationships? You are only 14! Concentrate on your studies. The mobile is the culprit here. I shouldn’t have gifted you the mobile. Easy access to everything. Misusing your independence and mobile. If I see any such message in the future, I will confiscate your mobile. Now go and study.”

When Raghav quietly left the room, his father simply asked his mother, “Meera, remember your teenage? Didn’t you go through any such infatuation?” Meera now in her 40s instantly became the 14-year-old shy girl whose strict parents didn’t like her talking to boys. But the heart and hormones were beyond her control. She remembered how that cute lanky boy whom she used to have a crush on once sneaked in a red rose in her English textbook. She was so thrilled. Every time she saw the rose her heart raced.

Few decades later the rose in the textbook has been replaced by text messages. Meera was replaced by her Raghav…

2 thoughts on “Text Versus Red Rose

  1. Yes we forget our past, our youth and tend to criticise next generation. May be we gain experience with age but we lose the joy of youth. Nice story.


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