The App generation

Why is it so hard for some people to believe that times are changing, world is evolving?  Also, correlating the changing times and technology with lazy parents and selfish kids has become a norm.  Yes, this is a generation of apps.  I admit there are times that I don’t like to slog in the kitchen and I order food from the app.  I don’t like traveling by public transport and book a cab using my app.  I pay my bills through an app.  Does that really make me a lazy mom or a bad parent setting a bad example for my kids?  NO..

Imparting right values has got nothing to do with technology or apps.  If I don’t cook for a day or 2, my children won’t judge me and label me as a bad mother.  Also, if my kids use apps I won’t call them selfish or self-centered.  Teaching the children value of money, imparting them values such as compassion and love has got nothing to with their app usage.  My son uses public transport most of the times but on days he might book a cab for him and his friends.  Does that make him selfish or the fact that he doesn’t value his parents’ hard-earned money?  Does a woman not slogging 12 hours in a kitchen make her a selfish/lazy mom/wife?

Technology and right values can go hand in hand.  Times have changed, dynamics have evolved, parenting has become more difficult, but generalizing moms as lazy and kids are selfish all the time is not right.  Its not that during our childhood there were no self-centered children or negligent parents.  So, once and for all stop generalizing..

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