Nuclear Family Doesn’t Mean End of relations!

I am living in a nuclear setup since the time I have been married and no I am not guilty or ashamed about it.  Not just me, my parents and in-laws have always lived in a nuclear setup and they wanted to live like that!  There’s nothing wrong in it!

People use the word nuclear family like a “gaali” at times.  Trust me its not that bad at all.  Living in a nuclear family doesn’t mean breaking of relations!  Everyone likes their own space, be it children or their parents.  When children grow up they have their own personalities, way of living, and opinions, which at times doesn’t match with their parents.  There is clash, let’s face it, there is!  There is difference of opinion, there is generation gap.  There are families which live amicably and try to understand each other, give space, compromise, but its not easy.

Having grown up in a nuclear family hasn’t made me or my children selfish.  I am always there for my extended family whenever required.  Yes, I admit that there have been days when both the parties have felt lonely or needed the presence of each other, but ultimately they love the way they live.  We need to respect that.

Not just the children, even parents want to live in a nuclear setup now.  So, lets stop blaming the children!  Its understandable since they are used to living on their own terms or in a certain environment and they do not wish to be uprooted.

Even in joint families despite living under one roof people are not on talking terms or in bad terms with each other.  So just like people appreciate joint families its time people stop criticizing nuclear families.  Both have their pros and cons.  Also, for once and all lets stop equating nuclear families with abandoning parents!

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