Kid’s first day..

June 2005, the month my son started going to playgroup. I still remember both me and my husband were so anxious the night before his first day. Being first-time parents both of us were nervous. Next morning, we both accompanied him to the playgroup. His teacher lovingly took him inside the class and we both watched him go. Here was a chubby, lost, nervous 2-1/2-year-old guy. More than him, I was anxious till the time he came back from the school 3 hours later. In a few days’ time, he settled down happily.

Today 13 years later, I am having the same feeling. It is my son’s first day in Junior College today. The difference this time is that 2-1/2-year-old chubby boy is now a tall, lanky 15-/1/2-year-old who didn’t require us to drop him anymore. Yes, being a tad introvert he was a bit anxious, but I know he will settle down soon. Having spent 10 long years in a school with a huge group of friends, he has to once again settle down in a new environment. Yes..I am waiting for him to come back and give him a tight jhappi..

It seems as if my son has grown up, the mother in me hasn’t yet..😪


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