Colony aunties/social media!

I was born in a very small colony where everyone knew everyone else! When I was born, many people didn’t turn up to see me because I was the second daughter of my parents. They felt “Kya hoga jaakar, doosri ladki hi to hai” kinds. There were few women who falsely spread the rumor that my mother was very upset on my birth and that she didn’t feed me!! This was utter rubbish and when my mother came to know about this she was shocked! These were the very aunties who didn’t turn up to see me but spread these rumors, which in today’s world would be termed “viral”.
Social media is like those aunties. Few days ago there was a photo of a grandmother and granddaughter crying, which went viral stating how the parents of the girl had abandoned the elderly lady. The parents of the girl were cursed and so many things were said. But..the catch is who knew what the truth was? The elderly lady ultimately had to clarify that whatever went viral was wrong. This is just one instance. There have been many other such instances where judgments have been passed without checking on the facts and posts made “viral”.
Social media nowadays has become like those colony aunties..!😜

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