Memories and nostalgia

Me and my husband often listen to the songs of our childhood, which are now in the retro or the classic category.
This song “Kahan se aaye badra” from the classic movie Chashme Buddoor was playing on a channel today. The song always reminds me of my childhood days. My mom would switch on the radio in the morning and invariably this song would play while I would be having my breakfast and hurrying up to get ready for the school, wearing my cotton uniform, keeping books in the “aluminium box”. My mom would be all worked up managing three kids, preparing my dad’s and our breakfast, lunchboxes, asking us to hurry up. Sometimes this song would play in the evenings when we would be studying or simply fooling around.
We love certain songs, movies, serials not just because they are good its more because of our association and memories attached to them..

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