I am a rich woman..

I am a very rich woman.  Yes, I have a lot of wealth which I can use whenever I wish to and you know who made me rich?  My husband.  I bask in the wealth that he showers on me.

Let me tell you how I became a rich woman thanks to my husband.

1.  My husband showered me with unconditional love.  This is the one property that my husband has in abundance and which I use everyday.

2.  His second property is patience.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this luxury.  He is so rich in patience and calmness that even I have accumulated this wealth from him over the years.

3.  You know what my husband’s most expensive gift has been?  To let me be and not trying to change myself.  Since the day he married me, this expensive gift is something that I have treasured, cherished.  Not many women, unfortunately even in this day and age, get this gift from their husbands.

4.  We have each asset and property divided in equal halves; equal parenting, sharing household responsibilities equally, equality in way we treat each other’s parents and extended families, equality in chasing dreams, equality in spending.

5.  You know I own many pieces of exquisite jewelry that he has gifted me.  Two priceless jewels are our children.  Then is the jewelry of his support and motivation whenever I am down or feel like giving up.  There is one more priceless possession that is with me all the time, my smile.  Isn’t smile very expensive these days?

6.  Despite being 40+ my face has a glow and radiance.  I use a very expensive cream you know.  The cream of love and satisfaction.

People say that I have changed a lot after marriage.  Why not..after all I have amassed so much wealth?  Shouldn’t I be proud of the wealth that I have accumulated over the years from my husband?  I am a rich woman after all..


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