Reality check

I am a regular user of Ola cabs and have encountered so many different kinds of drivers and passengers (in share). Yesterday while coming back from an event chanced another such entertaining cab driver.
He was a young man in his early 20s. The FM was playing and there was a program airing in which various moms were being interviewed. One of the moms was a single unwed mom who said, “I don’t think in today’s day and time a woman requires a father to raise her child.” The driver lowered the volume of the radio and said, “Madam, ye to ekdam galat baat kahi! Sab aisa sochne lagenge to kya hoga hamare country ka. Kya ho gaya hai aajkal ke generation ko.”
I felt like laughing as he was also a young man of the young generation. We talk about empowerment and change, etc., but there is a big clan out there who cannot digest the rapid changes that is happening in the society, especially if women take a step which is “bold” as per the society.
Sometimes life gives a reality check of the society..

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