Learning to calm down!

Let me admit that I am not a very patient and calm person!  I am a person who loses temper at the drop of a hat and hyperventilates at smallest instances.  Even after becoming a parent, I hadn’t turned into a very patient and “cool” mommy overnight!  I would and still do lose patience with my husband and kids, but over the years I guess I have started to fret less about things though I have still a long way to go.  I have managed to raise my kids fairly well without being too paranoid about small things.  I guess becoming a parent doesn’t make you patient and calm instantly.  I have learnt to handle things well over a period of time, rather years.  There have been many instances when my kids have fallen ill, hurt themselves badly, have been bullied, had bad days and I have handled those days with patience and presence of mind. But these “virtues” didn’t come easily or instantly, it took time!

I guess we learn to unlearn a few things as we mature and take each day as it comes.  Children teach us a lot of things.  Its a mutual process where daily we teach them a few things and they teach us many valuable lessons of life. Need to learn and unlearn a lot many things still…

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