Stepping into a new world..

With the commencement of the new academic session, I can see many young new moms in different forums and around me feeling miserable that their toddlers, going to either playgroup or nursery, cry and have separation anxiety.  Its not easy for any mother to see her little child cry incessantly, missing her, calling for her, looking for her.  I have myself been in this situation twice.  Many a times, the moms are in a dilemma, in a guilt as to whether they have taken the correct decision to put their children in school so early!!

Life goes through changes, we all have to cross through various stages in our lives.  School is a new chapter, a new beginning of a child.  I remember when we got my son admitted in the playgroup, me and my husband couldn’t sleep peacefully the night before his first day at the playgroup.  We were anxious, worried as to how our little son would manage in the new environment, amongst unknown people.  We were worried as he still couldn’t speak in full sentences, was always with me, was a bit shy.  But after the initial hiccups, he was happy, settled well, and loved going to school.

We parents have to be strong, at least pretend to be strong in front of our kids!  We have to set them free.  As the child starts growing up, he/she becomes more and more independent, blooms as a strong individual, and dreams of a new life.  We need to give them wings, guide them when required, sometimes let them fall and get hurt and then learn.  We cannot cling to them forever!

It starts with the playgroup, then school, then college, then job, then marriage…every time they step into a new world with our set of apprehensions we need to be strong, we need to set them free, we need to feel happy that our children have taken one more step towards their new life successfully..

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