Proud of my son..

Even in today’s day and age where gender equality in our country is a distant dream and there is a constant reiteration from everyone that boys should be raised well, should be taught to respect women, made to believe in equality, I am happy that I am raising my son to be nice young man who believes in equality and respects women.

I discuss a lot of topics with my son and today we were discussing as to how people believe that a son is necessary to carry the family name forward.  My son very calmly and matter of factly replied, “Tomorrow if I decide not to marry and stay a bachelor my family name would automatically end here. Nobody can predict the future.  It hardly matters whether its a son or a daughter!”

This thought process coming from my 12.5-year-old son really made me proud and happy.  If we start breaking all stereotypes not worrying about what the society thinks and inculcate right values in our children and if each home starts doing this, may be some day our society can really see and believe in gender equality. May be some day our girls will get their due respect and love.

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