Kudos to the teens and their parents..

Today was an overwhelming day as many of my friends’ kids and my nephew cleared their 10th, 12th and some other entrance exams with flying colors. By flying colors, I don’t mean above 95% or so; I mean that the efforts of these kids have been fruitful.

I have seen these children grow in front of my eyes and seen them shape up. Most importantly, I know the parents, especially the moms, of these children very closely. I have seen these parents encouraging and supporting their kids with their choices among all adversities and difficulties. They had their share of emotional, financial, and other struggles, yet I have seen them help and support their kids with a smile on their face. A big kudos to these parents.

As for the children, most of them would label them as nonchalant, mobile scrolling, earphone wearing, careless teenagers. But all these teenagers have shown that they were/are not careless and are serious about their future because they know that they belong to the middle-class parents who can provide education as “property or heirloom”. These kids include my both children too.

I wish these kids all the best for their future, but mostly I wish them to be happy in life because happiness is grossly underrated.


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