The Crush

The lady saw a friend’s request on Facebook As she clicked on the request, her heart skipped a beat. The familiar name brought back so many memories. It was her teenage school crush who had sent her the friend request.

Thirty long years had gone by, but suddenly she became that giggly, romantic schoolgirl again. A closer look at the photo revealed that the boy, now man, had gained weight, was balding, had signs of ageing. She smiled and thought she had also aged. She was no longer the pretty young schoolgirl. Her heart skipped a beat when she accepted the friend request; she was surprised! She wasn’t supposed to behave like this at the age of 46!

In some other city, a middle-aged man was anxiously waiting for the friend request to be accepted. He had been searching for his crush since the past 5 years since the time he had joined Facebook. Finally, one day he could find her profile. She was still pretty with that infectious smile. Time had made her older though! He was checking his FB every 5 minutes. He saw that she had accepted the friend request and the heart of a 46-year-old behaved like a 16-year-old.

Very nervously, he messaged “Hi..” Thirty years ago he had the same nervousness when he had given her a red rose.

Both knew that time had lapsed and now they could only be acquaintance and friends, but deep down somewhere the 16-year-old kids were giggling nervously…


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