Jab we met at the reunion

I stayed in Porbandar, Gujarat, for a brief period of 4 years, between 1986-1990.  But I still believe those 4 years were the best period of my childhood, especially school life.  I studied in 5 different schools, thanks to my dad’s job changes but out of all those schools the best memories I have are those of Birla Sagar higher secondary school, Porbandar.  I made many friends throughout this long journey of life, but still nothing beats the Porbandar school buddies.

Life went on in its course.  I kept on reminiscing the Birla days always.  I felt I would never meet those friends again.

Then technology advancement happened.  First Orkut, then Facebook, and finally WhatApp happened.  I could reconnect with few Birla friends through these and every time I got to meet an old friend virtually I was thrilled.  It seemed as if a part of my childhood had come back again.  It was such a great feeling to see them as adults, now with kids of their own, doing well in life.

Thanks to the relentless efforts and perseverance of two of my friends and after a lot of procrastination, we were all set to meet on a reunion.  I had a feeling of happiness, disbelief, anxiety, and so many emotions.  Frankly, I was in two minds; I wanted to meet everyone but at the same time I was a bit wary of meeting them as I knew I had nothing in common as I had left the school long back, I was not a part of Birla colony, I was not in touch with them for so many years!

Finally, the D-day arrived.  I was going to meet most of my friends after 27 long years.  Everyone had taken efforts to come from different places just for the reunion.  There I was sitting at Ahmedabad airport when I met my first classmate.  It was unbelievable!  But it seemed only the age had changed, the voices had changed, everything else was the same!

Eventually, met my second friend and later in the venue all the friends started coming in.  Everyone was elated.  The hidden child in everyone came alive!  But seriously, nobody had changed.  We all were the same; only the 27 years had made changes in our age, body, maturity, struggles, and achievements.  We laughed, joked, remembered the good old times.  I had my moments of awkward silences too!

Soon it was evening and time for everyone to depart to their own destinations.  We promised to meet again and to continue to meet always.  Hope it materializes every time its planned!

Life is full of surprises and this reunion was one of the best moments of 2017.  Thanks my dear friends..


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