Growth of a child

There is nothing more joyous than a mom watching her child grow everyday.  Since the time he/she is conceived, everyday the mother feels her child growing and with that the eternal journey of motherhood begins.  The bump, the kicks, the movements connects more to her child and the love grows each day.

After the child is born, each milestone of the child is cherished.  The first smile, first turn, first reaction, first words, everything.  The first step taken by the child is like a celebration, the first time the child blabbers Maammaa or Baabba the parents are teary eyed.  When a mother sees the child successfully write the first alphabet or write the numbers correctly its a major accomplishment for her.
Over the years, the growing up pattern and issues change.  As the child grows, the mother sees him/her dealing with the real world, the bullies, the competition, the peer pressure.  The mother sees her child fall, get hurt and rise again to face all odds with head held high.  That growth of the child makes the mother proud and reassured.
When the son gets a thin line of moustache, his voice breaks, he grows taller than the mother, is worldly wise..that growth amuses as well as gives an immense happiness.  When a daughter becomes a friend, a confidante, a pretty wise lady, a strong individual..the mom is happy and proud.
The happiness of a mom seeing her children grow into strong individuals and happy in their life is immeasurable…

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