Is negativity the new fad?

Miss World 2017, Manushi Chhillar’s winning reply created a debate across social media.  Her victory and the fact that an Indian girl won the Miss World title after 17 years was kind of overlooked.  Tumhari Sulu, a movie which tried to show women empowerment and emancipation, was criticized because of the nature of the job of the woman.  She was supposedly doing an “indecent job” by talking sensuously to strangers at night!  In both the cases more than the men it was the women who were opposing, criticizing and debating.

Agreed that motherhood is not a profession, but for years now homemakers and mothers have been wanting respect, recognition, and love.  When a girl tries to highlight this and on a world platform tries to give motherhood and all the mothers respectability, appreciation and recognition that is also criticized.  For a moment, lets forget that folly of Manushi of mistaking motherhood as a profession, lets simply appreciate the fact that she highlighted motherhood.

The whole point of the movie Tumhari Sulu was overlooked only because the main character decided to be a late-night RJ!  Why didn’t the women who criticize try to understand the fact that it was trying to show how so many women have so many dreams and are capable of achieving so much!

Why does everything have to be scrutinized to the point of being negative?  Overlooking and ignoring small things and appreciating the bigger picture isn’t acceptable by some people.   Every thing needs to be nitpicked and criticized.  Yes, I am an optimist and I would like to see the positive aspects here.  There are enough things which are genuinely negative and need criticism.

Just chill and don’t make negativity a fad..


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