Spoil the son, raise a savage!

A newly-wedded woman in Mumbai gets beheaded and her body scattered all over, just 5 days after her marriage as her “husband” couldn’t refuse to marry her and was unhappy and so this brutality. In Rohtak, a girl refuses to marry and the jilted lover rapes and kills her in the worst possible manner, mutilating her body, disfiguring her face and doing other unmentionable and unimaginable atrocities. Wow..a girl you like or don’t like meets the same fate, the same brutality!

Here I am trying to make my daughter strong to fight the world and imparting my son to respect women. But I am forgetting that not everyone is raising their sons like that! The “son” is a demi-god and can never hear “NO”! He is always allowed to be aggressive, allowed to hit others, allowed to treat women as inferiors. These “revered” boys turn out to be “savages” in the guise of humans.

Stop asking the daughters to be subservient and raise the boys simply as humans. No discipline from home and no punishment from law is going to churn out more savages like these..

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