How much is too much?

How much is too much? Where to draw the line? How to read a child’s mind? Where to stop oneself as a parent?

A family fully shattered, a teenage boy’s innocence and total life lost. A boy who doesn’t have any remorse on murdering his mother. Its spine chilling, its heartless and there’s something more to it. Its a crime yes but aren’t the parents somewhere a little responsible too? Declaring ones son a “complete failure” in front of the whole world is complete no-no. What kind of psychological effect can have it on a child who is being constantly reminded that he is useless? A father evading the home simply because the mother is nagging and not connecting with the child enough is being negligent. Not every child cries or sulks, there are kids of such kind who can take extreme measures like Siddhant who tried to commit suicide twice and now killed his own mother.

As the mother of a teenager, I can see the changes in a teen. A well-behaved, calm teen also has outbursts, rebelliousness. Its very difficult to read the child’s mind always but constant communication, not nagging or belittling, does help to an extent.

Its so unfortunate that a son murders his mother and is remorseless. Parents are at wits end too what to discipline or not to discipline; to be concerned about the child’s future and ask him/her to be serious or simply let the child fail?

What is to be done??

2 thoughts on “How much is too much?

  1. This case is chilling…and I agree with you that the parents are responsible too..calling a child failure is absolutely wrong…nice post


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