The World Remade

Lets talk about India first.  Being an Indian I feel our society needs an overhauling bigtime.  There are many, many issues that need to be taken care of, improvised, and eliminated in order to make our society worth living.  Three major issues that I would seriously like to get an overhauling and changed are poverty, terrorism, and gender discrimination.

Lets face it..ours is a poor country with more than half the population below the poverty line.  Why is the situation not changing..rather getting worse?  Has it got to do with our enormous population, illitrecy, lack of facilities for the underprevileged, supersitions? has got to do with all of these!  How I wish there was a magic wand which could magically make poverty disappear from our country.

Terrorism..of course I, we all, would want to live in a world, a country where there is no fear of death from terrorism.  I so wish we all stop being paranoid about crowded places, religious places, schools, and live freely without the constant fear of losing our near and dear ones to terrorism.

The third issue which is very close to my heart is gender discrimination.  I seriously dream of an Indian society where the birth of daughters, be it first, second or even third, be rejoiced and not be mourned! I dream of a country where daughters are treated at par with sons, given the right to education and freedom, are encouraged to pursue their dreams, are taught to become independent both financially and emotionally.  I dream of an Indian society where there is no female foeticide, no dowry, no child abuse, no rapes, where women can dress the way they want, live the way they want, breathe and live without fear and inhibition!

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