Take care women

A woman is the backbone of a family who takes care of everyone; husband, children, in-laws, parents, even pets but most often neglects herself.  She gives herself the last priority.  What is the reason for this..particularly in the Indian society?  Is it the social conditioning where the girls are always taught to adjust, to take care of everyone, make adjustments and sacrifices?  Though I am not generalizing, but whenever a relative or family members meets or gives the lady a call..the first question asked is how are the husband and kids and that she should take care of them.  Who asks the lady what her health or emotional status is?  Sometimes due to lack of time, negligence, or apathy from family members, the woman’s health is neglected.  Not just the physical health but the emotional health is taken for granted too!

A woman in her lifetimes goes through a lot of wear and tear, both physical and emotional, hormonal changes.  Post 30s her body is more prone to weak bone health, gynaecological issues, stress of raising kids, job, handling a busy and not-so-young husband, manage ageing parents and in-laws, handling the social life, many emotional turmoil, sometimes loneliness, apathy, distress, depression.  Unfortunately, most of the times she is taken for granted.

Its high time women stop neglecting themselves.  A healthy and happy woman is a happy wife, mother, friend, employee, employer.  Any nagging problem should be immediately reported to a physician else it causes problems in the future.  Popping painkillers might suppress the problem for the time being but might prove fatal in the future.  The family needs to support her, talk to her, listen to her, take care of her.  After all she puts her heart and soul in building and taking care of a family from the scratch.

Buck up women..take care of yourself.  Stop pitying, neglecting yourself, stop tolerating lifelong pain.  After all, the women themselves forget what they teach their family; health is wealth.

Take care!

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