Cricket has a long history.  There was a time when cricket was enjoyed only by listening to the commentary and access to the cricketers was only through photos published in magazines and newspapers.  The cricketers have always come from different backgrounds and different parts of the country.  Some have been from elite background and hence their style of dressing has been suave and perfect while the players coming from humble background learnt the art of style gradually.

Times have changed.  The players are watched a great deal.  The number of endorsements they do has also increased.  They are all over the media.  Hence, the players have become more fashion conscious.  They are youth and style icons, as popular and worshipped as the filmstars.  Their styling and the way they carry themselves is under public scrutiny all the time.

It’s not that earlier there were no stylish players.  Till date players like Late Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, Ravi Shastri, Wasim Akram and such are remembered for their impeccable dressing style and suave appearance.  But now most of the cricketers are very careful about how they look, as they are in the public eye all the time.

Yes…players have become more fashion conscious, out of choice, out of compulsion.  After all, the society has also undergone a huge change.  Youth today is more conscious about their appearance and brands.  Cricketers being youth icons and having major fan following have brought in a huge change in the way they dress, style their hair, or have tattooes, or the brands they endorse.

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