My growing-up son

Nothing gives a mother more happiness than to watch her children grow each day.  Each phase has its own ups and downs, trial and errors, with no manual to guide on how to bring up the child!  Each child is different, two siblings are also different. Each stage is challenging.

My firstborn, my son, is 12 now.  It seems that suddenly he has grown up to be this “almost teen” from the cute little shy boy.  It seems all of a sudden he has become a “man-boy”.  My child still gives me the bear hug, laughs, jokes, teases me..but its more like my friend interacting with me rather than my child.  I love the way he treats me as his mom-cum-buddy, shocks me with his new-found “vocabulary”, the way he blushes when I talk to him about girls or discuss about worldly-wise stuff.  It amazes me when he discusses with me about serious issues like gender discrimination, religion, gadgets.  I love the way he reacts when I show my mock anger that he has grown taller than me that he keeps secrets that he spends more time listening to music than talking to me. I love it when he shares his dreams with me.

It seems like 12 years have gone by just like that! The cuddly boy is a young man now.  The changes are inevitable, sometimes overwhelming, but I would always want him to come and give me the bear hug, share jokes, and be my “son-friend”.


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