Life; the best teacher..

More than the physical strength of the number of push-ups you do or the weights you lift, strength is holding yourself strong when the weight of adversities and challenging situations bog you down in life.

FB throwback reminded my of how 3 years ago on this day I was with my late father when he had his second heart attack in a span of 6 months. I needed to be strong for my mother, my father. Within I didn’t know whether my father would make it or not, my heart broke to see my ailing father and my broken mother, but I had to put on a brave face.

I have handled the hospitalizations/illnesses of my husband, both the children all alone trying to act strong, taking decisions practically rather than breaking down. It breaks your heart to see your loved ones being hospitalized or weak/frail. I knew in such situations I had to get them back to their strong and normal self again, and I have done that successfully in numerous situations in the past 20 years.

I have seen my kids being bullied, my son getting specs at age 7, my daughter getting period at age 10 and in all these situations I had to give them the strength because I knew if I broke down they would be shattered. I have seen the so-called well-wishers and friends getting me to write blogs for free for their start-ups or websites and then never bothering to connect again.

All these experiences make you a little more thick-skinned, a little aloof and cold, a little less emotional. Not all experiences in life are pleasant ones, but that’s what life is all about; its the best teacher.


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