Not an ideal but an awesome woman I am!

It was the second day of a painful period and I was craving tandoori chicken. I ordered one for myself and ate it to my heart’s content.

I defied all the norms and qualities of a “good and ideal” woman, wife and mom:
1. I ordered it, did not stand in the kitchen heat and make it from the scratch.
2. I had the whole thing for myself.
3. I did not eat any leftover last piece stating that I am not hungry.
4. I was the first one to eat as I was hungry.
5. I ordered a dish of my choice and not simply what my family liked. I like to prioritize my choices too.
6. I pampered myself and expressed my pain in front of my family without trying to camouflage it with a fake smile or stating “I am fine.” I refused to silently bear the pain without sharing the anguish with my children and husband.

And surprisingly despite not fitting in the “ideal and good” category, I am an awesome woman, wife and mother! 😉



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