Mental health of a child matters the most..

My son’s childhood friend has always been a brilliant student and is now pursuing engineering from country’s one of the best colleges. My son met him day before as he has come down for Diwali vacation and my son told me that his friend has decided to take a break of 6 months from engineering. The studies and the pressure has taken a toll on him and he started getting panic attacks and black outs. His parents took him to a counselor and the boy decided to take a break and pursue his other hobby, photography. After 6 months, he will take a call as to what will be his next step. His parents are totally supportive and have the left the decision to him.

I am extremely happy to know that the parents chose their son’s mental health over academics or rat race. He is the youngest child and his parents are in their late 50s and early 60s, but they have chosen their son’s happiness. That’s how parents should be! This decision has not been easy for the boy since he has always been a brilliant student, but nothing matters more than mental health.
Good to see many parents supporting the happiness and mental well being of their children rather than worrying about “chaar log”, money spent or what will happen in the future! A happy child matters the most.


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