Let the girls live fearless and free..

Yesterday my daughter had an essay writing competition in the school where the topic was despite being a beautiful country why do foreign tourists visit India less than expected. While we both were discussing the reasons, the primary issue being safety, my daughter said, “Yes, I know. Recently Dr. Priyanka Reddy’s brutal rape and murder happened. My friends and me were discussing as to how in many countries the culprits are given death penalty and at times shot in front of the public. Wonder why our judiciary is so slow.”

As a 12-year-old, I didn’t know what rape was all about, but now 12-year-old girls discussing about Nirbhaya or Dr. Reddy’s case gives me a mixed feeling. Yes..they are aware and know what’s happening around, at the same time this is not the environment that they should grow up in. We encourage them to be free, fearless, ambitious, happy but how are they supposed to be all this when the atrocities against women don’t stop!

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