When the son wore his dad’s shirt

My son looks like his dad, behaves likes his dad, emulates his dad.  I often joke that he has inherited 95% of his genes.

My husband has been a hands-on and very involved father right from the time I had conceived my children.  He has always been the calmer and more practical parent, while I have been the stricter and the more emotionally labile one!  So, we have had a perfect balance.

We both have been very frank and friendly with our kids.  We both have always believed that kids need to be comfortable enough to talk to us about everything.  My son apart from inheriting his dad’s genes has also inherited his sensibilities to an extent!!

This week my son will be having his school farewell.  He is supposed to dress up formally.  He specifically wanted his dad to be with him when he chose his shirt and blazer.  He is sure that his dad’s choice will never be wrong in this regard.

We came back home.  My son was trying out his shirt and blazer.  My husband took out a few old shirts of his, one of them being his wedding reception shirt.  My son tried those out and they fit him perfectly.  We both became emotional.

Kids grow up fast, yes this is a very cliched line, but they do!  When my son came in front of us dressed in his shirt, blazer and tie, he looked just like my husband looked in his younger days, a spitting image..

From the tiny little bundle who is swaddled to a formally-dressed boy, the journey has been blissful.  Also, has been blissful the father-son bonding which often goes missing in many families.

I wish this bond remains like this forever..

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