The pace of life!

The year was 1994. We had just shifted to Baroda. My mom had employed a young maid who used to come with her daughter. Her daughter was a little baby who used to sleep quietly while her mother worked. This was the routine for quite some time till her daughter grew up a little. Yesterday, my mom told me that that little girl is getting married next month.
It was unbelievable! Wait..but why? Haven’t 23 years gone by? In the daily grind with the calendar dates and years changing just like that we don’t even realize how fast the time flies! A girl who was 3-year-old during my marriage is in first year of college now; so many older relatives and acquaintances have either aged or are no more; including my college best friend (who died untimely) and my mother-in-law.
Even I would be celebrating my firstborn’s 15th birthday this year end and he will be appearing for his board exams next year!!
Well..that’s life! Jeevan ki gati..

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