Raise your children well..both genders!

Raise your children well, irrespective of the gender. Impart same values to both. Teach both the genders equality, compassion, respecting others choice, have integrity, confidence, have courage to pursue their dreams, have the guts to stand with the right and oppose the wrong, respect each and every human irrespective of caste, creed, religion, social status or gender.

Not all boys are perpetrators and not all girls are angels. There are all kinds in both the genders. Both will become responsible citizens in the future.

I cannot ask my son not to cry and ask my daughter to be rude to all the boys. That again is gender disparity. I cannot teach my son to judge a girl on her dress and habits, similarly I cannot teach my daughter to hate all the males.

I am happy and proud that my teenager son respects women and believes in gender equality. I would also be equally happy when my daughter in her teenage doesn’t judge the entire male species. She has seen good examples in her father and brother.

Stop being biased about any one particular gender, raise both well.


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