No medals, no respect for daughters?

 So, India is going gaga over Sakshi and Sindhu winning medals in the Olympics and making our country proud.  Understandably, so..we should be proud of our girls Sakshi, Sindhu, and Dipa who tried hard battling all the biases and lack of infrastructure and bringing glory for our country.  Everybody is now echoing..beti bachao nahin betiyon ne bachaya!!


All this set me thinking.  When a Sakshi, Sindhu, Saina, or any other daughter is born someone or the other might have lamented on their birth.  Someone must have remarked, “Beti hui!  Oh..koi baat nahin. Beta hota to achcha tha!”  Isn’t this the comment someone or the other makes when any daughter is born?  May I ask why?  She is an angel whose birth should be rejoiced, be it the first daughter or tenth!!

Why should the government start campaigns like “Beti Bachao, Beti padhao” in the first place?  Doesn’t a daughter have the right to live or to study?  I truly admire parents of Dipa, Sindhu, Sakshi, and such other girls whose parents have supported them unconditionally in their endeavors and encouraged them to shine and achieve something in life.  Along with these girls, their parents have also sacrificed a lot.  Its not easy in a patriarchal society like ours where the parents are forever told to groom their daughters to be “ladylike”, non-aggressive, no desires of their own.  The sole aim of the daughters is supposed to get married to a “good guy” and give birth to children.  Of course, that’s also a part of any woman’s life, but that shouldn’t be the ONLY aim of a woman’s life.  Parents have a big role to play in instilling confidence in their daughters.  They are ones who can tap their daughters’ potential and encourage them to pursue it.

Sadly, still in our country once the daughter turns 20 the standard question is “when will she get married?”  Nobody asks her what she wants to become, what her dreams are!!  There are parents who are rock solid support to their daughters, but still in the 21st Century that percentage is very less.  Nobody is interested in the daughters’ talents!

I wonder the people who are applauding Sindhu, Sakshi and Dipa and going gaga over their victory, will the same set of people encourage their own daughters to pursue their dreams?  Will these shining girls bring down the crime rates against women?  Will these glorious victories stop female foeticide, rapes, dowry, domestic violence?

So..a daughter’s worth is understood only if and when she proves herself.  Why can’t she be simply welcomed and accepted just like that? Why does she have to prove her mettle and worth to the world to get accepted? Beti bachao echoes louder only when a Sakshi or Sindhu win medals, else its just another campaign!

We all girls are full of talent, only majority of us didn’t get a chance to prove it.  Hope these winners become more than front page news, hope the Indian parents welcome their daughters as they are and not wait for 20 odd years to prove themselves..

Respect Women!

So..when the fearless and strong-headed women decided to “break” the rules and got their right to worship in a “banned” temple, the so-called religious people started to play with the superstitious mind of people!  They blamed the drought and rapes because of women worshipping God!  How low can people stoop and play with serious issues such as drought and rape; of course they don’t care about the sanctity or respect either God or women!