Enjoy..its pregnancy not a disease!

Becoming a mother is one of the most joyous and memorable event in any woman’s life.  The would-be-mom goes through mixed emotions of happiness, excitement, fear, anxiousness, etc., especially when she is expecting her first child.

Unless there are any medical conditions associated with pregnancy or before pregnancy or the doctor has advised bed-rest and other precautions, pregnancy needs to be enjoyed, taken normally and not treated as any disease.  I remember during both my pregnancies I was working till the last day, doing all the household chores, and enjoyed my pregnancies thoroughly.

Few tips for a smooth pregnancy and taking this phase as normally as one can:

  1.  First and foremost, pregnancy should not be taken as an illness.  Yes, the woman’s body goes through a lot of physical and hormonal changes but unless there are severe medical conditions where the gynecologist advises total bed-rest, take certain precautions and medicines, pregnancy should be taken normally.
  2. Some women have severe nausea and vomiting during the first trimester,  hyperemesis gravidarum.  She should consult the doctor and follow him/her.
  3. During pregnancy, the expecting mother should diligently follow the gynecologist.  There is no harm in following advice from the elderly or experienced mothers but only the doctor is the best person to understand about her condition.
  4. Eat nutritious food which includes all food groups but do not eat excessively.  Some people suggest that a mother should eat for two people, but the fact is whatever healthy diet the mother takes for herself is sufficient for the baby.  Also during this phase the mother shouldn’t diet or bar any food group like fats.  Like all other nutrients, fats are also required for the development of the baby.
  5. As per the doctor’s advise, folic acid and calcium should be taken regularly.  Never stop any supplement on your own.  Also in certain conditions like gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, preeclampsia doctor’s prescribe few medicines which should be continued.  They won’t harm the baby.
  6. Continue working in the office, in the house as before.  Just take care not to haste too much, not to bend as the tummy grows bigger.  Take rest in between.  Seek the help and support of colleagues, family and friends whenever required.  This is the best time to get pampered by everyone.
  7. Go for the scans and Doppler as and when indicated by the doctor.  This monitors the baby’s growth and development.
  8. Indulge in prenatal yoga, walk and light exercise after the gynecologist gives a go-ahead.  This helps the would-be-mom to keep fit and energetic.
  9. Never ignore the slightest of discomfort.  It might simply be gas or heartburn or later false alarms yet visit the doctor immediately if the mom feels any issue.
  10. Often women worry about the mode of delivery; whether it would be normal or cesarean.  I always say that one cannot predict anything till the last date.  Of course, every mom would want a normal delivery but when it comes to certain emergent conditions its best to get a C-section done.  After all, nothing is more important than the mother and baby’s life.  I myself had both my kids via C-section and I am perfectly fine and so are my kids who are grown up now!

Pregnancy is a phase that needs to be enjoyed and cherished.  Feel the kicks, hear the heartbeats via Doppler, see the little one moving in the scan..

Happy motherhood!

Glow and How!

A healthy and glowing skin adds to the confidence of any woman.  I am often being asked as to how I still don’t have any wrinkles or sagging skin!  It’s not that I spend thousands of rupees or 4-5 hours a day taking care of my skin.  It’s just a routine that I follow which helps me.

There are a lot of factors which affect the skin, especially women.  Hormonal issues, stress, exposure to sunlight and pollution, erratic eating schedule, lack of sleep, spending a lot of time in front of the screen, lack of a proper skin care regime, etc.

One needs to invest some time daily and follow a proper ritual to have a good skin.

Sharing a few tips which might help you to have a healthy skin.  Of course, any medical issues like acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc. needs medical attention.


  1. Eat well. Never go for crash diets.  All the food groups are important for our health.  Totally banishing carbohydrates or fats from the diet takes away the glow from the skin.  Daily have meals which are healthy with lots of fruits, vegetables, proteins, some amount of fat, carbohydrates.
  2. Try to get a good sleep. Of course, women as moms, balancing work and home, taking care of everyone are the ones who get very limited sleep or sometimes disturbed sleep.  This also affects the skin’s health.  Try to meditate, have a glass of warm milk, or a good bath to get a good sleep.  This will help your skin.
  3. What helps for me is washing the face with a mild face-wash first thing in the morning, which removes the excess oil and dirt accumulated in the night. I have an oily skin, so I use a face-wash meant for oily skin.  You can use a face-wash based on your skin type.  After that, I apply a good moisturizer to replenish the moisture.
  4. This is oft repeated but generally most neglected part of skin care, using a sunscreen. Invest in a good sunscreen with high SPF to protect against the harmful UV radiation of the sun.  The ultraviolet radiation damages the skin a lot.  Use sunscreen even if you are at home.
  5. The ritual of cleansing, toning, and moisturizing works wonders for the skin. One can definitely invest in a few minutes to do this, which will help in having a healthy skin for the lifetime.
  6. Always use good make-up products. Use products which suit your skin but don’t go for very cheap and harsh products.  They damage the skin.  So, better spend a few bucks more which will ensure that your skin is safe in the long run.
  7. Exercising helps to flush the toxins out of the body and improve the blood circulation. This automatically adds a glow to the skin.  Do any form of exercise daily like brisk walking, yoga, gymming, dancing.  This will keep your skin healthy in a fun way!  This is the least expensive form to ensure a glowing skin.
  8. Remove your makeup before hitting the sack every night. This is very important as makeup will not allow the skin to breathe and hence damage it.  Do remove the makeup no matter howsoever tired you are.
  9. Invest in a good day and night cream. Night creams are specially formulated to work on night time when our skin is resting.  It replenishes and rejuvenates the skin.
  10. Our kitchen is an excellent source for scrubs and masks. Simply mix gram flour, honey, and rose water and apply for a firm and glowing skin.  You may also add egg white, which works excellently on tightening the skin.  Mix papaya pulp and honey.  This will give an instant glow.  Use oatmeal, sugar and honey as a scrub.  For oily skin, fuller’s earth and rosewater paste works wonders.
  11. Consult a dermatologist if you have persistent skin issues. Consult a gynecologist or endocrinologist if you have hormonal issues.  Do not self-medicate.

These are few pointers from me to have a healthy and glowing skin.  Ladies, glow and how!

Loving partner equals happy pregnancy and parenting

I was married quite young (according to this generation standards) and was expecting my first child within 2 months of my marriage.  I had an arranged marriage but by God’s grace and our own simplicity and compatibility me and my husband gelled like “old friends” from day 1. So, expecting our first child so early on was not an issue, rather we both were elated.  We both went to office early in the morning, traveled by local train and bus to reach our respective offices.  Since we stay nuclear, it was only the two of us.  My new young husband didn’t draw a huge salary, we traveled by public transport, I ate in the canteen during lunchtime, still that was one of the best phases of my life.  The phase where we were transitioning from newly weds to new parents within a span of few months.  We both were and still are an impulsive couple who don’t think or dwell much.  We were young, not much of planners, didn’t have a lot of money, but did share loads of happiness together.  The visit to the doctor, my husband holding my hand instinctively when climbing over-bridge or even walking, feeding me lovingly, when I wouldn’t feel eating after the whole day, giving me my prenatal medicines on time were the small gestures that kept me happy.

This was 14 years back when Internet was not much prevalent, Smartphones didn’t exist, there weren’t so many Indian parenting forums like today.  But we both read books, browsed through Babycenter, talked to the gynecologist a lot, and most importantly weren’t paranoid.  We took pregnancy and parenthood as happily and easily as we took to our married life.  But again, due to lack of support system and my naivety I would often worry whether I would be able to handle our baby well, whether I would become a good mother.  My husband also confidently told me that we would make better parents than our own parents.  I would tell him that they are more experienced and he would always say parenting is a hands-on thing which each parent experiences and handles differently.

I had a smooth pregnancy but in the last month due to high blood pressure had our son 15 days earlier as I had to undergo emergent C-section.  My husband was there with me all the time.  He was the one who washed our son’s meconium-stained nappies, he was the one who held him first, he was the first one who made him wear diaper.  He would feed him patiently top milk with spoon during first 2 days when I wasn’t in a position to feed.

We celebrated our first anniversary apart as he couldn’t come to my parents’ place due to work commitments.  We both had cried that day over landline phone.  Once my son turned 2 months old, I came back to Mumbai and since that day that “confident father” has always been my rock-solid support, raising our 2 kids.

I have always believed that money, good food, medicines are important during pregnancy but most important is the husband’s love and support.  It is the key to a healthy and happy pregnancy and motherhood.