Board Exams are not scary..

With my daughter’s 10th board exam, this was the third board exam that I and my husband handled as parents as our son has already appeared for his 10th and 12th boards before. Both the kids have done well in their boards.

One thing that we as parents never did was make the kids feel that the board exams are something to be scared of. No unnecessary pressure from our end. Kids continued with their sports, meeting friends, outings, leisure time, we as family went out for trips. The kids and we lived our lives “normally”. The kids themselves know that board exams are important. They studied hard, they know that marks are important for admission; of course marks are not measure of their intelligence.

Pressure is lethal. Eventually the kids themselves are under pressure to secure seats in good colleges, to get a good job; why do we have to add to that pressure? Silent and calm support is more effective than constant nagging and tension at home. There are days of de-motivation, frustration, stress, worry as such; just give them the assurance that life always gives chances.

Handling young adults needs empathy, patience. Children are precious..


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