The New Mom isn’t a failure..

I feel it every time a new struggling mother calls herself a failed mom. She wouldn’t be feeling this way unless the people around her make feel the same. C’mon..she has just given birth and new to this challenging journey. If you can’t help her in any other way, just keep your mouth shut. Stop shaming her, stop blaming her. She is struggling with her body, hormones, sleeplessness, expectations, her life coming to a standstill. The once carefree girl is suddenly overwhelmed. The least the world can do is encourage her, support her, rather than judging her or lecturing her. She is young, naive, learning.

Ten or 20 years down the line the same mom becomes a little cold and indifferent towards the world, is confident and pro at her parenting job, but the scars of the initial days aren’t forgotten.

Be kind to that struggling soul, make her feel better rather than making her feel like a failure..


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