Sibling cum teacher..

My daughter has opted for French as her subject instead of Hindi for class 9 and 10 and since there were lesser students opting for French, the school had told us that they won’t be teaching it but taking exams and that if we are sure that she can do it on her own to opt for it. Since my daughter wanted to opt out of Hindi, she chose French. In our family, only my son has studied French from class 4-8 and then again in 12th. I had decided to opt for tuition for my daughter, but within 2 days we realized that the teacher wasn’t that good. My daughter then decided that her Dada (elder brother) would be her French teacher.

Between his own studies, meeting his friends, playing games, attending online college meetings, doing assignments, leg pulling and bickering, my son managed to teach French to his sister. In the first term exam, my daughter scored second highest marks in French in her section and did well in this among most subjects.

The sibling duo keeps bantering, Dada keeps pulling the sister’s leg all the time, but the duo did some serious stuff too!! This Teacher’s Day my daughter in a typical sibling (reluctant) style wished her Dada “Happy Teacher’s Day”


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