The efficient women…

My mother had a surgery last week and one thing worth noticing was that apart from the surgeon all the pre and postoperative caregivers were women; the nurses, ayahs, physiotherapists, cook, house-help and last but not the least I and my elder sister. All these women were from different walks of life; a single mother, a headstrong widow, a newly-married girl trying to fit in; but their struggles did not deter their dedication towards their work.

Women manage 2 forts, home and work, and that’s not easy at all. Not because they cannot, because mostly the society and family expects them to be superhuman and don’t pitch in or don’t appreciate. Along with handling these 2 forts, they also handle the expectations and “rules” set by the society and family and the unwarranted advice meted out to them.

I wonder why people still doubt the efficacy and sincerity of women when it comes to their work. They might be breaking from inside, but their dedication towards their work is unquestionable. No, women are not born multitaskers or resilient beings; their circumstances and conditioning makes them so.
Time to recognize and acknowledge their work ethics and skills beyond their social status, family life, personal issues…they are pro at handling everything with remarkable efficiency.

#womenatwork #multitasking


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