Waiting desperately for normalcy..

It’s a deja vu of last year again; the only difference being people around are much more scared having lost many acquaintances, near and dear ones. They are in the constant fear about being the next target of the virus. Last year, social media handles were full of Dalgona coffee, bread, and activities posts; this year the social media handles have either gone silent or simply asking for prayers, medicines or oxygen. Children are missing out on their normal childhood and have been given the last priority when it comes to vaccine. Jobs, education, life..everything is at risk.

Let’s not pretend..People are scared, sad, trying hard to have a positive attitude. People are angry, annoyed with the infrastructure, governance, hoarding. People are losing their cool at the drop of a hat. People are wanting to be free but know they cannot be.

Waiting for normalcy..desperately…but who knows how and when?

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