The backbenchers..

#backbenchersnotlosers When I go back to my school and college time, I remember how teachers would rebuke the back-benchers of the class. Most of them didn’t pay attention to what was being taught, would always do mischief and end up being punished. There were many who couldn’t even speak English or express themselves properly.

Decades later now, I see many of them doing extremely well in life. They are not great conversationalists, street smart, globetrotters, and pretty successful in life. I am envious of many of them as I missed out on the last bench masti and carefree attitude as a child since I was a good student and the conventional “good girl.”

One should never judge a child by where he sits in the class or how well he/she can converse or how well he/she scores in the class. The child as a grown up can be successful if he strives hard for it and has the street smartness and the capability to groom himself/herself. Also, since neither the parents or the society have any expectations from them, they are more at ease to make their own destiny. The back-benchers are often the more successful ones in do not label them as losers when they are kids..

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