This year..go easy..

Imagine you are asked to attend a webinar everyday for 6-7 hours daily, have to pay attention, have to be present, cannot show displeasure, cannot be anxious, cannot be bored; how would you, as an adult, feel?

So, when our kids for the past 1 year are attending the online classes, staring at their screens, missing the human touch, their friends, their classrooms, playground, teachers, activities; how are they not supposed to feel worn out or bored or anxious? I see many parents getting worked up, parents of nursery and class 1 and 2 students, scolding their kids and getting worried about their future.

Be a little more lenient this year. Its okay if their performance is not up to your expectations. Take a note of the circumstances. The kids are not supposed to live this life. Go lenient on yourself as a parent; you are managing multiple things together and it has not been an easy year for you as well. Let a little normalcy prevail (no not the new normal). Go easy on days, just play and talk. It will relax both you and your children. Higher classes will as such cause tension and stress.

But for now…relax a little..


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