Don’t wait to celebrate..

This January 23rd would have been my parents’ 49th wedding anniversary. Every year I send cake and flowers to my parents on their special days. This year since I was traveling abroad my mother thought they would miss their anniversary cake and flowers. Hence, I had decided to surprise them and had placed the order for the cake and flowers before leaving. But life had other plans and my father left for heavenly abode 20 days prior to their anniversary. With a heavy heart, I had to cancel the order.

When parents start ageing you realize that the days are counted. Every year when I send my parents flowers and cake on their birthdays, anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, I tick it as one more year when I could make the day special for my parents. It’s nothing, just cake and flowers or an FB post wishing them and they would be happy just with that.

Everyday is special, but there is nothing wrong in making the “special” days special. It might be just a call, just an FB wish, just a WhatsApp wish, but its good to remember that occasion, celebrate it, cherish it.

Tomorrow, might be the person whom you wish might no longer be there, tomorrow I might no longer be there…so better cherish all the celebrations..kya pata kal ho na ho..

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