Black and White television and memories


In the mid 80s, every household didn’t own a television. My maternal grandparents had a black and white television and were the first ones to get a TV in our family. Every summer vacation apart from the excitement of visiting them, we looked forward to watching TV. My grandparents were in Kolkata and we used to watch Bangla news, Chitrahaar, and mainly Bengali programs there. Doordarshan had fixed timings those days. I remember my Nana feeding us dinner while we watched the TV.

Some memories remain etched forever. Today everyone has a mobile and we have lots of options in terms of programs to watch. Everyone can watch their movies or series of choice in their privacy. The grandparents can watch programs of their choice and so can the grandchildren. No one is obliged to watch the same program together.

I don’t remember what the programs were or which brand the TV was of, I associate the black and white TV with the affection of my maternal grandparents. The black and white TV and the grandparents have departed long back, but those memories are evergreen,


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