Support for the “wise” women..

We all know about postpartum depression as this is discussed a lot now. More than physical care, a new mother needs emotional care, which is often ignored by the family and society. Its perceived that a new mother has to be “happy” and her emotions are overlooked.

Same is the case with the mother of another category, the moms of growing up or grown up children. This category of women are ageing, with some breakdown in their health, and of course who can forget the darned hormones! How much a new mother might prepare herself for her baby, she is not prepared enough when the baby is actually born. Similarly it doesn’t matter how much we talk about coping with empty nest syndrome, missing the childhood of the now independent grown-up children, the hormone havoc, nothing prepares the women when it actually happens.
So, just like the new mother this “wise” mother also needs equal support, more emotional than physical. Raising a little bundle to a full grown human is fulfilling yet exhausting. Let the immediate family, extended family, people in general be more supportive than being critical.

The journey of motherhood wasn’t achieved in one day…


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