When my daughter was born, we had decided to slowly transition our son to sleep separately in his room. But he was only 5 years old back then and would climb up to sleep with us every night. I also realized that the birth of his sister and transition to sleeping alone wasn’t a good idea, at least for some days, as it would made him feel left out. My son would share the bed with us and daughter would sleep in the cot next to the bed. In the midnight, she would wake up for feed and eventually somehow sometimes we all would end up sleeping in the same bed. Of course, eventually the kids slept separately. Even during travel we would share the same room with an extra bed.

Now my kids belong to the “adult” bracket and need to have a separate room in hotels. They no more run around the room or jump on beds. Its another transition like any other stage. When they were younger I would wait them to be independent and have a separate room, but finally when they did it felt strange. This is the way of life. From getting crammed in one bed together to having their own room; its like life preparing you for their eventual flight away from the nest.

Every little transition stirs up a lot of emotions…

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